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Dear Familial Tremor Sufferer,

Do hand, arm, or voice tremors run in your family? Maybe your mother or grandfather also has tremors. It’s more common than you think.

You and your family are not alone.

Familial Tremor is a quiet epidemic.

10 million people in the United States alone suffer from Essential Tremor (ET) and many hundreds of thousands of them also have family members with it. It’s one of the most common ailments for people over 60. But it often goes undiagnosed by doctors.

Or worse, doctors are left prescribing drugs designed for other ailments, because they don’t have any options designed specifically with tremors in mind. This often means unintended side effects.

Here are the most common symptoms associated with Familial Tremor:

Do you any of these symptoms run in your family?

  • Hand Tremors
  • Arm Tremors
  • Voice Tremors
  • Difficulty bringing cups to your mouth
  • Difficulty using silverware
  • Poor handwriting

We have good news.

We at Nutriganix want to share with you a number of exciting advancements that have been made in the science of neurology relating to Familial Tremor. Over the last 10 years, we have identified a handful of herbal extracts and vitamins and minerals as being effective in calming hand, arm, and voice tremors. The powerful result has to be seen to be believed.

Tremadone works by optimizing the effects of these natural compounds and other key ingredients in a powerful but safe and non-addictive formula. Here are the main components:




The inability of GABA receptors to communicate in the cerebellum is the likely cause of Essential Tremor, according to multiple studies. 1


Valerian Root

Valerian Root enhances the message relay of neurotransmitters in the body. It has an effect similar to Benzodiazepine drugs. 2


Passion Flower

Passion Flower has traditionally been used to reduce anxiety and help reduce the stress caused by tremors. 3



Skullcap is known to be rich in the type of antioxidants that protect against the degeneration of healthy neurotransmitters in the brain, such as GABA. 4


Folic Acid

Folic Acid deficiency is thought to reduce the effectiveness of neurotransmitters in the brain. 5


Vitamin B-12

B-12 deficiency affects 20% of people over 60 years old and often causes tremors. Vegetarians and people with substance abuse issues are also at high risk. 6

When we combined these into a supplement, we were astounded by the results.

Not only did tremors begin to slow, but they became less frequent over time. But the secret behind our success was an enabling nutrient blend, formulated through a great deal of research and development, which intensifies the power of these ingredients. Fast forward to the present day, and we have what we believe to be the most successful, fast-acting tremor-easing supplement available. The results have to be seen to be believed.

“Tremadone is the most advanced, effective, natural specialty supplement for people suffering from hand, arm, and voice tremors. It’s been on the market on for over 10 years.”

That’s because no other company has put the time, care and research we have into developing a formula that acts to immediately calm your tremors while also supporting long-term mood improvements – taking into account all of the emerging scientific research. No other company has a product that acts as fast AND gets more effective the more you use it.

When you join our Tremadone Program, we send you a monthly supply of our unique, natural formula until you see the results you’re looking for.

Take back control and put an end to the embarrassing tremors, the gripping tension, the persistent worry. You’re new life begins today. You can find have a tremor-free life without addictive and sometimes dangerous prescription drugs. You can find that inner happiness where eastern herbal wisdom meets western nutritional science. Tremadone can help or you can get your money back hassle-free.

Tremadone works by optimizing the effects of these natural compounds and other key ingredients in a powerful but safe and non-addictive formula. Here are the main components


Longest selling natural tremor supplement formulated to ease hand, arm, and voice tremors*. Made in the US.

  • Supply: 60 capsules a month
  • Shipping: USPS First Class
  • Guarantee: 60 days
  • Cancel Anytime

$42.00 $34.95/month

Can Tremadone help you?

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Essential Tremor in

Calm Hand,
Arm, and Voice


Ease Anxiety
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Happy Customers

Thousands of customers have taken Tremadone since 2010.

20 reviews

Mary MarshallVerified User
February 6, 2021

I have had essential tremors for about 10 years. I started Tremadone about 6 months ago. While I cannot report miraculous results, there is a lot of improvement. I do have periods of time when my hands don''t shake, which is a blessing. And my hands are the only places where I shake. I do consider this a good relief for much of the shakes and I thank God it is not worse. You have me sold.

Benedicto CVerified User
October 19, 2020

After Trying all kinds of medicine for my wife tremors her doctor sent her to a tremor specialist that gave us an appointment 4 months later. meanwhile my wife had to live and work with this tremors that would make her depressed. Until one day browsing the internet I came upon an ad about Tremadone. I never do like to jump into things so I did some research. They use several Natural ingredients that are known to help with tremors anyway and had a lot of positive feedback. So I figure we had nothing to loose. After taking them for two months or so her tremors are gone. Her life is back and she seems happier than ever. Tremadone has been a true blessing for us. And their team has been great about answering questions.

Mary CasnerVerified User
May 10, 2020

I woke up one morning with the shakes; I thought I had slept wrong; but for three months they would continue. I thought it was the stress I had been under and seen a physician, which of course the medicine he gave me didnt work and was going to send me for additional testing and having to wait for such a long time to get an appointment with a neurologist I was desperate to find help. I could not be seen until August for my tremors. My sister started researching and found Tremadone and she immediately told me about it and I was willing to try. I started taking it as directed and its been about 3 weeks now and I am so much better. It has been three months of these tremors and within two weeks of using Tremodone I can wake up and not feel myself having those terrible tremors. I pray each night to be able to wake up and not shake and Temadone has done that for me. I wish to let everyone know that just take a chance and try this amazing Trem adone. It saved my life. Thank you to all those involved in getting the Tremadone to me so quickly. I truly believe in the Tremadone.

Brenda SpeidelVerified User
April 23, 2019

I have been very pleased with the results Tremadone has given me. I do take it in conjunction with a prescription medication. I am much more successful in controlling my tremor when taking the combination of the two. I have been so impressed that I shared the information about Tremadone with my doctor. He found it interesting, informative and decided to share the product information with some of his other patients. Tremadone has made living with the tremor more bearable. Thanks for making this product available.

Kim LightVerified User
October 7, 2018

Tremadone really works!! I have head tremors but THANKS to God and Tremadone I got my life back. I can do things I haven't done in 6 years. I'm glad I don't have to take medication but can take something natural.

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Common Questions

How long does it take to work?

Many people report positive results in the first few days, with full results being achieved in 2 to 4 months. Results vary from person to person and may take longer.

What is the recommended dose?

Two capsules daily with a meal and water.

Is Tremadone safe to take with my other prescriptions?

This is a question best saved for your doctor or health care provider. Tremadone has no known
side effects, but please check with your doctor.

How long does it take to receive my order?

 Tremadone is shipped by USPS First Class mail within 24 hours of your order and should be on your doorstep 2-4 business days later. Orders placed Friday-Sunday are shipped on Monday.

How do I cancel my subscription?

 You can cancel at any time by emailing Your cancellation will be processed within 24 hours.

What is Tremadone’s return policy?

All purchases come with a 60-day money back guarantee. Return one bottle within 60 days
and we’ll refund your purchase minus shipping. One bottle refund per person.


Longest selling natural tremor supplement formulated to ease hand, arm, and voice tremors*. Made in the US.

  • Supply: 60 capsules a month
  • Shipping: USPS First Class
  • Guarantee: 60 days
  • Cancel Anytime

$42.00 $34.95/month

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